Rewa Tourism

What happens when dozens of beautiful waterfalls, innumerable historical forts and unique animal like White Tiger meet at one place? You get a place called Rewa. With two unique and unlikely worlds – nature and history – meeting at one place, Rewa tourism truly stands out amongst all other competing districts of Madhya Pradesh. Below is detailed description of Rewa’s tourism profile, including information about how to reach Rewa and best places to stay here.

Rewa Tourism

Tourist Helpline in Rewa

Before taking you through Rewa tourism profile, here are some of the important tourism helpline no’s for Rewa tourist. As and when you visit Rewa, these helpline no’s will surely come in handy.
Madhya Pradesh Tourism Office

Hotel Booking Tel.: +91-755-2778383,
Transport Booking Tel.: +91-755-2775572,
Fax: +91-755-2779476/2774289,
Bus Booking Enquiries: +91-755-3295040 (Bhopal), +91-731-2499366 (Indore), +91-755-2429829.

Rewa Collector: (07662) 241635,250086.
Superintendent of Police: (07662) 258800, 258801.
Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital: 07662-241655
Chaurasia Hospital & Research Centre: 07662-251330.

Tourist Destinations in Rewa

Keoti Falls

This beautiful waterfall is unarguably the most famous tourist spot of entire Rewa District. Its fame is reflection of how actually breathtaking the waterfall is. In fact to tell you more Keoti waterfall is amongst the highest and also beautiful waterfalls of India. And this is why everyday thousands of tourists not just from Rewa District alone but also from far across Madhya Pradesh state and also neighboring states flock here.

Tourist Destinations in Rewa

To put it in other words, visit to Keoti Falls is like perfect retreat to nature, where nature shines and breathes itself to offer much needed inner peace and solace to all its visitors. This immensely famous waterfall is located just 24 kms away from main city of Rewa city. Commuting options like auto rickshaws are easily available from Rewa Railway Station and all other important parts of the city.

Chachai Falls in Rewa

Chachai Water Fall may be little less popular than Keoti Falls, but actually it is no less beautiful and breathtaking than Keoti. And obviously here too ever green nature has found perfect shelter for itself, and as is expected tourists and visitors are simply enchanted by beauty of its surrounding nature. The only flip side is that it is located far away from main city of Rewa. The nearest town to this immensely famous waterfall is Semaria town, which is located little far away from Rewa city. But fortunately Semaria does have railway station and few passenger trains do halt here. And what’s even better, Chachai Falls is located just 10 kms away from Semaria Railway Station. A visit to Chachai Falls, no matter how far you’re coming from, is simply worth it. You’ll know how much worth it is when stunning visuals of water fall and surrounding greenery will leave you completely mesmerized.

Purwa Falls

This is another beautiful waterfalls of Rewa. Located amidst jungle it is hard to approach when compared to other waterfalls of the region. If you too as a tourist choose to overlook the distance, then you’ll stand chance of witnessing one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Madhya Pradesh state.

Venkat Bhavan

Dhar tourism

This historical palace seamlessly brings together aesthetics of architecture and golden history of Rewa. But actually palace’s overwhelmingly beautiful architecture clearly takes precedence over its rich history, as mesmerizing effect of its architecture can be felt in every part of this grand palace. One such glaring architectural effect can be felt right at the entrance of the palace, where huge idols of god Shiva and goddesses Parvati have been erected. Besides enormity of their size, idols are also immensely beautiful. Another salient feature of its architecture is secret tunnel which was exclusively used by kings and his close associates, but unfortunately this secret tunnel is not open to public all round the year.

Govindgarh Palace

Now about famous historical places of Rewa – as we’d told in introductory paragraph itself that besides nature Rewa’s other specialty happens to be its historical places. And the first in our list is immensely famous Govindgarh Palace. Located just 13 kms away from main city of Rewa, this grand palace was once residence of Maharaja of Rewa. From 1882 (year on which this palace was constructed) all ruling Maharaja’s of Rewa and their families stayed here. Today this palace has been turned into very fine museum, housing all the personal possessions of Rewa’s yesteryear royal family. Today cost of some of the personal possessions that is still housed in this palace run in millions. And before we rap up we’d like to bring to light very important information about this palace. This palace was probably first place in entire world to house a white tiger. The white tiger was caught in 1952 by maharaja of Rewa in one of the nearby jungles. Some of the skulls of this famous white tiger are still present in this palace.

Rewa Fort

Another one of the fine historical places of Rewa District. Although not as popular as Govindgarh Palace, but it is still worth a visit. This historical fort too has been turned into museum, just like Govindgarh Palace. Hence it obviously houses many priceless antique items that today stand as testimony of Rewa’s rich history.One interesting fact, which actually is also one of the USP’s of this palace, is that producers of famous Bollywood film Ashoka had rented many antique items from this palace during shooting of the film. Today those antique items are very much part of museum’s exhibition and are obviously its primary attraction.

Bhairav Baba

Tourist places in Rewa

Located near small town of Gurh, some 30 kms away from capital city of Rewa, is statue of Bhairav Baba. Although named as Bhairav Baba, this statue is actually dedicated to Lord Shiva. Why and how this statue was named was Bhairav Baba is still not known. But coming back to statue itself, then it is no ordinary statue by any means. This is 35 feet long statue sculpted from single rock and more importantly it is not standing in a vertical position but lying in sleeping position (horizontal position). Over all, the aesthetic feel that this huge statue lends is beyond words. It is only when you’ll experience this statue with your own naked eyes that you’ll appreciate what great work of art this statue is. In other words, Bhairav Baba statue is one of the must see attractions of Rewa.

Shopping in Rewa

Rewa surely won’t disappoint you if you’re one of those die hard shopaholics. We stake this claim because besides having hordes of street markets and retail shops, Rewa has immensely famous Shilpi Plaza shopping complex. This is no ordinary shopping complex, as it is one of the biggest and also one of the best shopping complexes in whole of Madhya Pradesh. It is indeed ultimate paradise for any shopaholic. The biggest of brands – national as well as international – and whole gamut of popular shopping items are sold under one roof. And it is located in the very heart of Rewa city, and so are all popular markets and retail shops of Rewa district.

Entertainment and Nightlife in Rewa

Society of Rewa is pretty conservative and traditionalists. Hence modern entertainment amenities like pubs, night clubs and lounges are completely nonexistent in this part of the world. So what is eventually left here for entertainment and nightlife is hordes of beer bars and few cinema halls. Below are addresses of some of the most famous cinema halls of Rewa. Here latest Bollywood blockbusters are played round the year.

Entertainment and Nightlife in Rewa

Akriti Cinema
Address: National Highway No 7, Rewa Ho, Rewa – 486001
Contact No.: +(91)-7662-403300, +(91)-9425185056

Magic Cinema
Address: Gur Chouraha, Bansager Chirahula Colony, Gur Road, Rewa Ho, Rewa – 486001
Contact No.: not available

Pushparaj Talkies
Address: Prakash Chouraha, Janki Park, Rewa HO, Rewa – 486001
Contact No.: +(91)-7662-256942

How to reach Rewa ?

If you’re coming from far away from Madhya Pradesh state, then travelling via flight or train are by far the best options. If traveling via flight, then take a flight to Khajuraho Airport located in Chhatarpur District. If you’re coming via train, then there are direct trains from Delhi and Bilaspur. If coming from any other city like Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore etc, then you’ll have to make break journey either from Bhopal or Indore stations.

12185, +Rewanchal Express
Habaibganj to Rewa

11704, +Rewa Express
Indore Jn to Rewa

12428, +ANVT Rewa Exp
Anand Vihar Trm to Rewa

58230, +Rewa BSP F Pass
Rewa to Bilaspur Jn

Where to stay in Rewa ?

The main city of Rewa has many 3 Star luxury hotels offering luxurious accommodations and facilities. Some of the best amongst these have been listed below. These hotels are considered best for offering 24 hours dedicated service and high quality luxurious facilities at pretty affordable tariffs. We can assure that your stay in any one of these hotels will be more than satisfactory.

Hotel Rewa Raj Vilas
Address: Pili Kothi , Rewa , Madhya Pradesh
India 486001
Phone No :- +91-7662-250047,256782,329484
Fax No :- 07662-407061
Mobile No :- +91-9300986040, +91-9425194888.

Hotel Aaditya
Address: Saman Tiraha, Allahabad Road, Rewa, Madhya Pradesh
Phone no: 07662-230296, 07662-232277 & 7771002083

Hotel Safari Regency
Address: Hospital Road Amahiya
Rewa, Madhya Pradesh 486001
Phone no: 076 62423262.

Hotel Landmark
Address: NH-7,Allahabad Road,
Ratahara, Rewa(M.P.)-486001
Phone no: +91 87188 19552 / 557 / 558

Over all, this historical place is quite engrossing. Had it been well maintained then this palace definitely would have been in league of most visited tourist places of Madhya Pradesh state. Nonetheless, it still has its own charm to enchant and mesmerize its visitors.

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