Business and Economy of Rewa

Rewa economy is largely driven by agricultural sector. Apart from agriculture, industrial sector also makes vital contribution to the economic growth of the region. In fact owing to many important factors Rewa has achieved comparatively more success in industrial sector than most other districts of Madhya Pradesh state. Besides, other important sectors like service or service related sectors have shown promising trends over the years and in coming decades will surely make vital contribution to economic growth of this region. Below is brief analysis of each of these sectors, about their current scenario and their future outlook.

Economy of Rewa

Agrarian Economy in Rewa

Agricultural sector has dominated Rewa economy since time immemorial and is continuing its domination even today. As per 2010-11 survey agriculture sector accounted for 610632 hectares of land, which is roughly more than 50% of the available land. The availability of fertile soil and huge of amount of underground water throughout district has obviously played a huge role in the success of agricultural sector. Besides better agricultural literacy and awareness amongst the farmers of Rewa has equally played its due role in growth and success of agricultural sector. The huge agricultural literacy prevailing in the entire region can be attributed to number of agricultural colleges and institutes functioning in this part of Madhya Pradesh. Wheat, Soyabeam Masoor or Lentil, Gram, Paddy, Peas and Mustard are main agricultural produce of the region.

Industrial Sector in Rewa

While Industrial sector is nowhere as dominant as agricultural sector, but Rewa’s untapped potential certainly gives immense hope to the future of Industrial sector. This optimism also stems from the fact that currently Rewa has comparatively more industries and factories than most other districts of Madhya Pradesh. Besides, Rewa’s huge reservoir of minerals has already attracted huge investment from multinational companies and this trend is likely to continue even in coming decades. As for composition of industries is concerned, then large scale industries make up only 7 to 8 units amongst thousands of industries spread across the district. This obviously implies that almost all industries are either small scale or medium scale industries. And almost all these industries are mainly concentrated in industrial areas located in Chorhata and Bichiya towns.

Industries in Rewa

Audyogik Kendra Vikash Nigam (Rewa) Ltd.
( A Gov. of Madhya Pradesh Undertaking-Subsidiary of MPSIDC )
Address: Ashutosh Sadan, Martand School Road Rewa , M.P.
Ph. No. 07662-252403
Fax No: 07662-407924
E-mail: [email protected]

Rewa Cement Pipe Industries
Address: Madhya Pradesh, Rewa City, Rewa Ho, Rewa - 486001
Ph. No.+(91)-7662-403090

Birla Ericsson Optical Ltd.
Address: Udyog Vihar, P.O.Chorhata,
Rewa - 486006, Madhya Pradesh, India.
Ph. No. +91 7662 400580
Fax: +91 7662 400680
Email: [email protected]

Vindhya Telelinks Ltd
Address: Udyog Vihar,
Rewa - 486006.
Madhya Pradesh, India.
Ph: +91 7662 400400
Fax: +91 7662 400591
Email: [email protected]

Jaypee Plant (J.P Rewa Plant, 15 kms from Rewa city)
Address:Jaypee Nagar
District: Rewa MP-486450
FAX: 0091-7662-229143/229218
E-mail: [email protected].

Service Sector in Rewa

Service sector is one of the unexploited sectors of Rewa economy. There are few industries in service sector that hold immense potential and can propel service sector annual revenue to great height. Amongst these few promising industries tourism industry is surely at the very forefront. Rewa’s immensely beautiful waterfalls and equally rich flora can attract millions of tourists every year rather than thousands of tourists that it is attracting today. As for other industries that are currently making vital contribution to service sector are banking Industry, health Industry and educational industry. Almost all institutions of these industries are mainly concentrated in the main city of Rewa. Besides, largely unregulated retail sector also makes due contribution to the service sector.

All in all, above information’s are suffice enough to conclude that today Rewa’s economy is indeed standing on a crossroads, from where it will seek to become an industrialized and modern economy in coming decades. Although transition from agrarian based economy to industrialized economy will be painfully slow process, but with right policy decisions and reforms this seemingly difficult task can very well be achieved.

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