Administration in Rewa

All the must have administrative bodies have been put in place in Rewa for efficiently providing all the basic civic necessities to its citizens. Here is brief look into each of these local administrative bodies along with contact information’s of some of the important officials and administrators. The below information will be surely of immense help to all the civic conscious citizens of Rewa or to whosoever wants to know about important local administrative bodies of the region.

Civil Administration in Rewa

Civil Administration in RewaBeing a Chief Revenue Officer of entire district, District Collector is unarguably one of the most important administrators for any district. While collecting revenue unarguably remains prime responsibility of any District Collector but he also has to look into other responsibilities. Amongst these other responsibilities the most important being looking after law and order of entire district and supervising implementation of public schemes. {For latest updates, Click here}

Commissioner, Rewa Division
Contact No.: 7662241766 (O)
7662241888 (R)
Email: [email protected]
Collector, Rewa
Contact No.: 7662241635, 250086 (O)
7662242100 (R)
Email: [email protected]

Rewa Municipal Corporation

Rewa Municipal Corporation in Madhya Pradesh looks after civic amenities in Rewa city, which is actually headquarter and main city of Rewa district. Being a main city of the entire district, condition of civic amenities in this all important city obviously assumes immense importance for economic prosperity of entire district. However, Rewa Municipal Corporation has been facing acute shortage of funds since its very inception, which obviously has had adverse affect on its ability to provide quality civic amenities to its citizens. Nonetheless, overall performance of Rewa Municipal Corporation can be still termed as satisfactory. At least in few important areas like maintenance of roads and street light performance has been pretty good. As for performance in other critical areas like supply of drinking water and health amenities, then corporation seriously needs to think of innovative ways to overcome its fund shortage problem and subsequently improve performance in these critical areas.

Police in Rewa

It goes without saying that continuous law and order problem in any city or region can lead to complete collapse of administrative set up, which can then entail in loss of properties and even lives of innocent people. To overcome and control such precarious situation Rewa has pretty solid network of police stations all throughout its district. As of today there are nearly 29 police stations in the entire district, most of which are equipped with modern communication system and robust weapon machineries. The overall law and order in Rewa District has always been stable and harmonious and for such commendable performance all police stations and police officials of Rewa District surely deserves token of appreciation.

IG, Rewa Range
Contact No.: 7662255566, 241971
7662255568, 240447
Email: [email protected]

Supritendent of Police, Rewa
Contact No.: 07662-258800
Email: [email protected]

Civil Lines Police Station, Rewa
Contact No.: 07662-254434

Mahila Thana, Rewa
Contact No.: 07661-255700

Who's Who in Rewa

If any ordinary citizen wants to bring any civic development or want to address any problem plaguing his city or district, he or she will have to know important local administrators. After all without the help of important local administrators it will be almost impossible for any civic conscious citizen to bring any desired impact in his city or constituency. Here is All civic conscious citizens of Rewa will find names and contact information’s of District Collector, Superintendent of Police and all those administrators who have significant bearing on day-to-day civic administration of Rewa.

District Collector: (07662) 241635, 250086, 242100.
Inspector General of Police (IG) Rewa Range: (07662) 255566
Superintendent of Police Rewa: (07662) 258800
Commissioner of Police Rewa: (07662) 241635, 242100, 250086
Deputy General Manager, Union Bank of India Regional Office (Rewa): (07662) 257202, 9425424499
Additional General Manger, State Bank of India (Rewa Branch): (07662) 409485, 254950, 9826902030
Branch Manager, Allahabad Bank: (07662) 406315, 256256, 9302843324
Branch Manager, Punjab National Bank: (07662) 256766, 241466, 9893046490
Branch Manger, Bank of Baroda: (07662) 404981, 9893195418
Government Doctor: (07662) 241655 252332
Government Doctor: (07662) 242104, 242051
Government Doctor: 256563, 254958

In the end it can be concluded that each of the three administrative bodies mentioned above have done more than decent job in fulfilling their due responsibilities. Rewa Municipal Corporation, however, still has to do lot of catching up to do in improving its efficiency and thereby play more productive role in civic administration of Rewa city. This can be possible only if it manages to maximize its revenue via tax collection or receives temporary financial assistance from state government.

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