Rewa City Guide

Besides being headquarter of the district, Rewa city has many special attributes, which has helped her to crave its own unique place on the map of Madhya Pradesh state. Be it glorious history of erstwhile Rewa kingdom, or be it its extra ordinary proximity with some of the most beautiful waterfalls found in Madhya Pradesh it has all to catch the eyes and attention of tourists. Besides all these special attributes, what is also heartening to see its continuous pursuit for economic development. The much needed realization of its untapped potential in industrial and service sector areas has today made it an ambitious city. Today Rewa city, in other words, evokes immense pride over its glorious history and at the same time instills you with hope for better future. Detailed information about all these and other important aspects of Rewa city has been provided in the city guide. Come lets explore more about the city with Rewaonline City-Guide !

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